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The LiveBirds Mission

Teach a man to grow chickens and he will end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Warehouse 242 has partnered with a new business launch in Zimbabwe, Africa, called LiveBirds to create an income generating activity (IGA). The hope of the partnership is to enable sustainable income for orphans and vulnerable children with HIV/AIDS in Odzi, Zimbabwe. This IGA partnership will be a catalyst to reduce poverty, drive sustainable, healthy living and as a result, fight HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe.

Celebrating ONE year in Business!

LiveBirds continues today.  April 2011 marked its inception.  A year later, it employs four Zimbabwean employees, sells up to 200 chickens in one month, and perseveres over a year not without its challenges.  It works to change the face of HIV/AIDS day by day by day.  As we look back over this last year, we stand in awe.  We remark at a year of discovery, we peer into an ever-growing efficient business model, and we hope to see the business diversified in replicated within the coming year.  More than that, we cherish the relationships built across the globe, and with it, broadening landscapes, expanding worldviews, and gladdening visions of commonality and a changed world.